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This feed will contain fire and EMA channels.  No law channels are included on this online feed.

Frequencies in this feed:

  • Fayette County Fire & First Responders Paging and Operations 154.160Mhz (All Fire/First Responders/EMS except Tri-State Ambulance (West Union)
  • Fayette County Fire TAC1 153.755Mhz (will only hear Oelwein area traffic)
  • Fayette County Fire TAC2 153.965Mhz (will only hear Oelwein area traffic)
  • Fayette County Emergency Management Repeaters 155.880Mhz.
  • Tri-State Ambulance Paging 155.145Mhz (Paged by Fayette County)
  • Bremer County Fire & First Responders Paging and Operations 154.340Mhz (All Fire/First Responders except Waverly Ambulance and Sumner Fire/Ambulance)
  • Bremer County-County Mutual Aid 159.285Mhz (Used as interop channel during incidents).
  • Waverly Ambulance Paging 155.865Mhz
  • Buchanan County Fire/EMS Paging 155.4975Mhz
  • Buchanan County Fire Ops 1 154.190Mhz
  • Buchanan County Emergency Management 151.415Mhz


  • There is a built in delay of the online scanner to actual radio traffic.

  • Since this is scanning multiple channels, you may miss radio traffic or replies to previous radio traffic.

  • If you want to view the list of fire/EMS pages in the last 24 hours, go here.

Scanner is operated by N0ZJT.
Related Information
10 Codes:

Emergency services personnel sometimes speak using 10 codes.  This makes communications more concise.  The best known codes are "10-4" meaning "OK, I understand" and "What's your 10-20?" as in "where are you at now?"  In order to follow the conversations, you will need to know the codes.  A reference sheet is here.

Need Help or Scanner Feed Offline?

If you need general assistance involving the scanner above, please contact N0ZJT.

Sometimes, the scanner may require human attention and I am unaware of the problem.  Your feedback will help us ensure a high availability of the service.