CommLogg© software help – Event Details Page

Once you fill out the Team List, the program will open the Event Details form. This is where you will spend your time entering radio traffic during the incident.
Most of this form will update automatically and be pre-populated due to the setup screens you went through earlier.event details

When you get radio traffic, the 3 main items you need to enter are who is the message from, who the message is to, and what is the message.
To save a record, press the “Add Record” button. This will save the existing record and move you to a clear record for the next entry. The time field is updated automatically when you hit this button.
If you want to edit an existing field, you can navigate to that field using the arrows at the bottom of the screen. Once you have made your change, you can hit the “Save Current Record” button and it will save that record only.

If you want have a message that requires a follow-up or reply, you can check the “Reply Needed” checkbox. This will put that entry on the “Reply Needed” report. The checkbox will auto clear when a reply message is entered into the “Reply” area of the form. The “Reply Time” is auto populated when you save the record with the reply entered.

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